At Fireweed Lodge

the doors are open to many types of adventure for all ages and levels of explorers.

Salmon Fishing

With the use of boats and float planes, the fishing is open throughout the Yentna River system, including Lake Creek.

Floatplanes Trips

Fishing is also available at many of the nearby lakes and streams that are accessable by air.

Flightseeing Tours

Visitors may also get an up close look at the wonderful wildlife of Alaska during a flightseeing tour.

Famous Bears

These flights will give you the chance to view the majestic moose, and the brutally powerful and famous Alaskan Brown Bear.

For bear and wildlife viewing flight trip options and pricing, please contact Irene and Werner at the Lodge for the best times and rates.

But don’t be surprised if a visitor comes knocking on your cabin door or streamside!

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