Fishing Paradise

How would you like to take a boat ride along crystal clear waters, and be able to look down to see what appears to be large bedrocks. But, after that first cast, you realize those aren’t rocks. You stand before a channel full of Alaska’s largest salmon species, the powerful King. You have found your fishing paradise.

Rainbow Trout

Or does your paradise require the chase of the elusive Rainbow Trout? Lake Creek is one of the premiere and most beautiful clearwater streams that offers all five species of Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, and Whitefish.

Fish of a Lifetime

The waters of Lake Creek are friendly to all types of fishermen. Beginners, intermediates, and experts alike will find success. Fly fishing, spinning, and casting tackle are all effective tools for landing the fish of a lifetime.

Many Options

There are many options for your pleasure to help your trophy hunt on Lake Creek. We offer guided day fishing by jet boat (8 hrs. with rod, reel & bait furnished. We also offer kayak trips for 2 days with guide.

Fly Out Fishing

You can also fly-out one day fishing for Red and Silver Salmon and bear viewing on Big River Lake. Please call the lodge for pricing on these special options.
Beginning of King Season May 31 – June 10 Fishing a bit slower
High Season for Kings June 10 to July 2 Fishing is very good
Beginning of Red and Silver Season July 20 to 28 Fishing a bit slower
High Season for Silvers July 28 to Aug. 15 Fishing is very good
End of Season for Silver Salmon Aug. 15 to 31 Fishing a bit slower
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